#ShineYourSearchlight Step 5 – Provide an Optional Blood Sample

#ShineYourSearchlight ✨ Do you live in the United States? Make sure your genetic variant is part of the @SimonsSearchlight biorepository! It is important to represent yourself and have researchers looking at YOUR specific information! Your blood sample can help in creating future therapies and treatments. Contact coordinator@simonssearchlight.org to learn more. #SLC6A1 View Read more…

#ShineYourSearchlight Step 4 – Complete Surveys

#ShineYourSearchlight ✨ Have you completed @SimonsSearchlight surveys? They collect information on behavior, communication, motor skills and more. Long-term participation and completing surveys are critically important to the success of research into SLC6A1. Go to your dashboard to complete your surveys: bit.ly/Simons_Searchlight_Dashboard #SLC6A1   View all Participation Steps: bit.ly/ShineYourSearchlightCampaign 

#ShineYourSearchlight Step 3 – Share Your Medical History with Simons Searchlight

#ShineYourSearchlight ✨ Share your medical history with @SimonsSearchlight! This will help you and researchers get a more accurate picture of what it means to have SLC6A1 over time. All medical history information is shared by completing a survey with the option to speak to a genetic counselor. Go to your dashboard: bit.ly/Simons_Searchlight_Dashboard #SLC6A1 Read more…

#ShineYourSearchlight Step 2 – Upload Your Genetic Lab Report

#ShineYourSearchlight ✨ Have you uploaded your genetic lab report to your @SimonsSearchlight dashboard? Researchers need specific details in your genetic lab report to learn more about SLC6A1. No genetic lab report? Their team will do the work to find it for you! Go to your dashboard: bit.ly/Simons_Searchlight_Dashboard #SLC6A1 View all Participation Steps: bit.ly/ShineYourSearchlightCampaign