Our friends at @SimonsSearchlight created a new quarterly report with updated information shared by our families and a special spotlight on behavioral and emotional concerns in children using results from the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL). The CBCL includes questions about anxiety, sadness, somatic and emotional concerns, attention, social difficulties, and more. Simons Searchlight assigns the CBCL annually to track behavioral and emotional changes as children grow.

Participating in Simons Searchlight surveys is very important to the longevity of SLC6A1 research. View this report on the SLC6A1 page on their website here.

*Not a current Simons Searchlight participant? Learn more on how you can contribute to our study and be part of the next quarterly report: www.simonssearchlight.org

Sandra McEntee

SLC6A1 Mom to Kat


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