The mouse model has been robustly phenotyped and used to model both neuropsychiatric and epileptic syndromes.


Knock Out MouseS295L Point MutationA288V Point MutationSLC6A1-Floxed Mouse
AvailabilityAvailable to Academics and For ProfitAvailable to Academics and For ProfitContact Katty KangAvailable to Academics and For Profit
Current Breeding StatusActive ColonyActive ColonyActive ColonyActive Colony
Link to OrderMMRRCShanghai Model OrganismContact Katty KangThe Jackson Laboratory
SMOCSMOC ReportContact Katty Kang

Please reach out to Amber Freed for phenotypic information on each mouse.


iPSC with Crispr Control Line:  email Amber Freed directly.

GABA Neurons: email Amber Freed directly.

Fibroblasts & LCLs can be ordered via the Coriell Institute.

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