Help us discover more about SLC6A1 so we can help those who are diagnosed with it.

The SLC6A1 Connect research grant program will be used to fund gene therapy research that will help us to learn more about SLC6A1 and how gene therapy can be used to help those with an SLC6A1 mutation.

SLC6A1 Connect does not pay an overhead rate more than 3% on any grant.

Application Guidelines

1) Grant Application (download SLC6A1 Grant Template.)

2) Scientific Abstract and Lay abstract – 1 page or less

3) Budget Page*

4) Budget Justification Page

5) Hypothesis and Specific Aims – 1 page

6) Research Design – 4 pages, including background, preliminary data, experimental plan and methods

7) A statement on how the research will advance the understanding, treatment or care of people with an SLC6A1 mutation – ½ page

8) Citations – no limit

9) CV

10) Email your completed submissions to afreed@SLC6A1Connect.org

*If the total budget for your project exceeds the amount you are requesting from SLC6A1 Connect, your budget page must include a breakdown of how all funds, including those from other sources, will be used. We do not allow for indirect costs at this time.

Uplifting Athletes

You might not think that athletes, researchers, and rare disease patients have anything in common. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. From the insurmountable odds they face and the unending perseverance they need to overcome them, to their ability to break barriers that would crush others and the relentless passion that drives them past innumerable obstacles – the lives of athletes, researchers, and rare disease patients couldn’t be more intertwined. That is the core foundation on which Uplifting Athletes is designed to transform the way our society views, engages with, and supports research.

SLC6A1 will be drafting an investigator this year to advance our research.  Visit www.UpliftingAthletes.com to learn more!

Interested in a Project?  We Make it Easy.

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