What is SLC6A1 Connect?

SLC6A1 is a rare neurological condition in small children that causes seizures, severe movement and speech disorders and intellectual disability.

SLC6A1 Connect is a patient advocacy group dedicated to improving the lives of children and families affected by SLC6A1.

Our focus is to raise awareness and fundraising to advance scientific research that will ultimately result in a cure.


We are in search of novel IP solutions to advance research quickly for our kids.


Clinical trials are expensive. Help us reach our goal of $4M to advance gene therapy.


Every conversation helps facilitate research and treatment efforts, ultimately leading toward a cure.

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A Birthday to Remember

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JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan hosts the world’s largest healthcare conference every year in San Francisco. If you want to learn about the latest innovation and advances in biotech, the conference is the place to be. Not only Read more…

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SLC6A1 Connect Founder

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