SLC6A1 is a recently discovered pathogenic mutation and is only on 13% of panel testing, so the condition is very under-diagnosed.Dennis Lal’s genomics lab predict (unpublished, in review) 2.6 (CI:2.3-2.8) new SLC6A1 patients in 100,000 births, which translates to an incidence of about 1 in 38,000 births.  In addition:

  • SLC6A1 is the 10th most prevalent gene in autism: Click Here
  • SLC6A1 is the 6th most prevalent gene in epilepsy:  Click Here

Ongoing Research


Article: A Missense SLC6A1 Mutation Associated with LGS

We have a ROBUST mouse model!!!  SLC6A1 knockout mice are AVAILABLE via Jackson Laboratories and begin having noticeable tremors on Day 19!

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