NAME: Conor (nickname “CC”)


HOME TOWN & STATE: Pittsburgh, PA


PARENTS: Nicole and Jaime

SIBLINGS: Ayla and Lincoln

What it felt like when we learned our child has SLC6A1? We were absolutely devastated and overwhelmed with the news, yet glad to have an answer for all of Conor’s struggles.

The hardest part of being an SLC6A1 family? The constant need for accommodations and understanding from the outside world is probably one of the toughest aspects of Conor’s diagnosis.

What are your dreams for Conor? We hope and dream that Conor will be able to live happily with maximum independence and restored neurological function…and SPEECH. We would absolutely love for him to be able to communicate his needs.

Why would you like people to donate to SLC6A1 Connect? Please donate… because all of our children deserve to be able to walk, talk, learn, and live their lives seizure free. They deserve to have their neurological system restored so that life can be easier for them. Even for those of us with normally functioning systems, life can be hard. This disorder makes it so much harder… for Conor and every other child afflicted with SLC6A1. 

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