SLC6A1 is a rare neurological condition in small children that causes seizures, severe movement and speech disorders and intellectual disability.

Symptoms appear typically around ages 3 or 4 and get worse as time goes on.

THERE IS A CURE! We just need $1M within this year to start a clinical trial.

Treatment, following clinical trials, will include a one-time, 2-hour spinal tap where a new gene is introduced to repair or replace the impacted SLC6A1 gene.

3,500 children are born with SLC6A1 each year.

SLC6A1 is the 10th cause of autism.

SLC6A1 is the 6th cause of epilepsy.

SLC6A1 plays a major role in all psychiatric diseases.

Just a $20 donation will get us there. Every dollar counts toward the cure.