chaseMy name is Chase and I’m almost five years old. I have an older brother, Kaiden, who is seven. I love to follow him everywhere because Kaiden’s my best friend! We play hockey, build forts in the living room, and make amazing crafts together.

Mom named me Chase when I was born, because she had a very hard time bringing me into this world. She says, I’m going to move mountains! Mom and dad will probably follow me up the mountain, to make sure I get all the way to the top! After my first birthday, I wasn’t walking and I wasn’t babbling like other babies. Mom was worried, she took me from paediatrician to pediatrician, until she found an amazing one that listened. Finally someone agreed that my falling, shaking and losing control of my muscles was more than losing my balance! The tremors, or drop attacks, were so quick that most people didn’t notice because I would get right back up like nothing happened. It was really hard for my parents, because I couldn’t tell them what was happening! My mom was always within arms reach and a helicopter mom, because she had to make sure I was safe. I had so many tests… I had EEG’s, which didn’t show seizure activity, I had CT scans, MRI’s, a spinal tap, and many, many blood tests. Luckily, I’m strong and brave, I didn’t even cry!

Finally, after so many tests, the government approved a gene test. We finally figured out was going on! My problems talking, difficulties with jumping and running, and my scary drops when I lose control of my muscles, well…. I have SLC6A1.

I enjoy playing with all my friends and family who give me so much love and support. I love my preschool and my amazing therapists who are helping me with tools to be Mr. Independent. Everyday, Mom and I are on the go, from preschool to therapy or to a doctor’s appointment. I work really hard, it takes me a lot of effort and repetition to learn things that are easy for other little kids my age. But I’m learning, and I never give up. I can say some words now, and I can jump! I’m going to be an amazing grown up, just you wait and see. I’ll probably be a hockey goalie, or maybe a chef because I love helping to mix things in the kitchen, or I might race motorcycles and be like my grandpa. I’m not sure… but my mom and dad keep telling me I can be anything I want to be!

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