Maxwell and Riley knew that Santa Clause was coming to town on Christmas Eve and wereSad Santa so excited!

Well, they were * kind of * excited.  They did not enjoy meeting Santa at the mall  as you can see.  Riley said she would run away if she ever saw Santa again.  Cherry Creek mall paused as the tribal screaming began when Santa held them.  Even after the traumatic encounter, the twins were interested in going to Christmas Eve church services and receiving toys.

The twins dressed up in their most beautiful clothes for Service at Denver United Church.  Denver United has an unbelievable service named Wonder and there is even a petting zoo!

Maxwell has been under the weather which exacerbates his movement disorder.  He took a face plant into the concrete so our plans were cut short but he is always an amazing sport.  He cried a little, dusted himself off and helped arrange cookies for Santa – even though he nearly bit through his bottom entire lip.

Black and White Christmas

During one of our fundraisers, we met the Doane Family and they wanted to help.  They decided to donate an heirloom quality, handmade dollhouse.  The dollhouse is meticulous crafted made with a thatched roof, antique wooden chairs and  porcelain bathtub with no detail overlooked.

This dollhouse is every little girl’s dream come true.

The house is such a masterpiece that I’m not sure anything remotely similar could be purchased in a store.  This house is one of kind.


I auctioned off the house on a charity website where it sold for an astonishing $6,500 to a grandparent of twins.  The check arrived along with the following note:

“The siblings of children with complex needs often appreciate an extra gift and recognition.  Riley’s love for Maxwell is heartwarming and I love watching them over Instagram.  Please allow this house to be under the Christmas tree for Riley and tell her she is an amazing sister.” 

Riley ran down stairs on Christmas morning and pointed at the house in wonder.  We told her it was all hers.  She sat in total silence and stared at the house for 10 minutes.  Slowly, her little fingers delicately started exploring the furnishings.   She rearranged some bedrooms and tucked her doll into the cotton sheets.  She loved see her doll’s reflection in the armour mirror and opening the little dresser drawers.  Her fingers traced the outline of each room.  She even asked if she could sleep in the house last night, but unfortunately, the house is not that big.  Riley will never forget this Christmas and I’m sure she will give this heirloom to her daughter on day.

This beautiful house represents an even more beautiful act of kindness.  We are so thankful for our supporters and beautiful family.

Merry Christmas!


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judy capozzola · December 27, 2019 at 12:25 am

What a heartwarming story and what a beautiful house. May God’s blessings be upon the generous people who made such a special gift. And looking back on the Christmas pictures of my own five children the ones that bring a big smile to me are the ones just like the one of your twins. It so represents reality. Thank you again for the Christmas goodies and lovely card you sent to us. Maxwell is in our prayers.

PP · December 27, 2019 at 9:20 am

Everything you do for this young man is an absolute fulfillment of Christ’s love & purpose to teach us.
Maxwell & Riley no doubt are a gift from God.

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